Behold, children are a gift of the Lord;
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalms 127: 3


 HELPING WOMEN RECOVER FROM ABORTION (Nancy Michels, ) – This book explains the emotional effects of abortion, grief, denial, guilt and anger, forgiveness, living with a forgiven abortion and how abortion affects fathers and children.

 LIFE CYCLE BOOKS: LIFE ISSUES AND ABSTINENCE EDUCATION MATERIALS (Catalog) – Life Cycle Books is one of the largest publishers of pro-life and abstinence educational materials. 

LIFE CYCLE BOOKS SAMPLE PACK – A sample of over 70 brochures, bookmarks and cards from Life Cycle Books.  If you are interested in purchasing literature but wish to preview the material first, this sample pack is available for loan.  (Does not include books and videos.)

 PRESCRIBING DEATH: EUTHANASIA EXPOSED (Focus on the Family, 2002) – This publication describes the current status of the euthanasia debate in the United States, as well as the case against euthanasia and compassionate alternatives.

 PRO-LIFE 101: A USER-FRIENDLY GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR CASE ON CAMPUS (Scott Klusendorf, Stand to Reason Press, 1999) – Do you feel tongue-tied when you feel you need to speak up on abortion?  This guide provides hard-hitting arguments and memorable illustrations you can use in either formal presentations or informal conversations on abortion, as well as tips on helping a friend through a crisis pregnancy.  Suitable for students from high school through college and university, as well as adults in any setting. 

PRO LIFE ANSWERS TO PRO CHOICE ARGUMENTS (Randy C. Alcorn, Multnomah Publishers, 1994) –This comprehensive book examines pro choice arguments in favor of abortion, their assumptions and implications, and provides carefully thought-out, logical responses to each.

 REPRODUCTION ROLLERCOASTER: INFERTILITY AND THE ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES (Stephen Genuis, M.D., KEG Publishing, 1992) – This book assists the reader to understand the problems of infertility, and to recognize and discern the ramifications of the assisted reproductive technologies that are all around us. 

RISKY SEX: THE ONSLAUGHT OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (Stephen Genuis, M.D., KEG Publishing, 1991) – Using stories, case studies and a variety of sources, this book is a comprehensive yet easy-to-read book, which clearly illustrates the seriousness of sexually transmitted diseases.


 DO NO HARM (American Life League) – The story of Dr. Randall, a former abortionist, now a pro-life ob/gyn, and how he realized abortion is wrong and changed his ways.  22 min. 

HARD TRUTH (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform) – This video powerfully challenges the pro-abortion claim that pre-born infants are “lumps of tissue” by showing actual aborted babies.  Due to the graphic nature of the footage in this video, it is not suitable for viewing by children of elementary school age or younger, and audiences must first be informed about the nature of the video.  A user’s guide accompanies this video, in order to assist presenters to prepare themselves and their audiences for the showing of this video. 

NO MORE EXCUSES  (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, 1994) – Vidoetape of a seminar by Gregg Cunningham, pro-life speaker and producer of the video, “Hard Truth”.  This presentation also includes the “Hard Truth” video.

 NO SECOND CHANCE (Life Cycle Books) – An emotionally charged film designed to save a life from AIDS.  Using interviews with the world’s leading researchers in the field of epidemiology and the teaching dynamics of Cathy Kay, this film presents facts, answers and solutions that teenagers will understand and respect.  30 min.

 RIGHT TO LIFE OF MICHIGAN: TV ADS WITH INTRODUCTION (Right to Life of Michigan) – A series of t.v. ads presented by Right to Life of Michigan on the topics of abortion, crisis pregnancy, physician-assisted suicide, late-term abortion and anti-violence.  Includes an introduction discussing the power of mass media to shape public opinion. 14 min. 

“SCHOOL GIRL”, “DRIVER”, “BALLERINA” – Three advertisements used by Pro-Life BC in a recent television ad campaign. 3 min.

 SEX, LOVE AND CHASTITY (American Life League) – Mary Beth Bonacci helps teens make the right choice with chastity education and campus outreach.  30 min.

 TEEN SEX: CHALLENGE AND DECISION (KEG Publishing, 1995) – Dr. Stephen Genuis presents important medical information on adolescent sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and decision making.  Using language and images which teenagers and young adults can relate to, this video explores a variety of myths and different lifestyle options.  26 min.

 THE MISSING PIECE (American Life League) – Julie Makimaa was a child of rape, given up for adoption.  But she had peace in Jesus Christ, and wanted to be sure her birth mother did too.  Julie sought and found her, and they both share the Lord’s peace, as they find they were the missing pieces in each other’s lives.  25 min.

 THE SILENT SCREAM – A landmark video in the history of legalized abortion.  Actual ultrasound footage of an abortion in progress. 

 WINDOW TO THE WOMB (American Life League) – If a pregnant mother could see the baby growing inside her, would she consider abortion?  Ultrasound lets her view her child moving around and removes all doubts about life in the womb.  30 min. 


The brochures listed below are available for free distribution to individuals, or for loan to groups or organizations that wish to preview items before ordering in bulk for their own distribution.


 CELEBRATE LIFE . . . LOVE THEM BOTH – Difficult circumstances surrounding a pregnancy can be overcome with the loving support shown to mother and baby through pro-life pregnancy services. 

FOUR QUICK QUESTIONS – Do you think you could have an abortion without serious emotional side effects or complications?  This quick questionnaire will help you answer that question. 

HARD CASES MAKE GOOD PEOPLE – “Hard cases”, such as pregnancy that occurs as the result of rape or incest, or in which the child may be born with a disability or into poverty, are often cited as reasons abortions must be available on demand.  This brochure tells true-life stories of “hard cases” who have made powerful and positive contributions to their society. 

IF ONE HEARTBEAT MEANS LIFE, WHAT DO TWO HEARTBEATS MEAN? – When a woman is pregnant, there are two heartbeats – her own, and that of a child who is very much alive and precious! 

WOULD IT BE ALL RIGHT TO TAKE THE LIFE OF THIS BABY? – Descriptions and pictures depict the humanity of pre-born children at various stages of development.


 KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE YOU CHOOSE – Dr. Beverly McMillan, an obstetrician and gynecologist, answers the most frequently asked questions about abortion.

 ABORTION: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS – Offers facts and statistics on abortion and addresses questions on ethics and laws surrounding abortion.  (Information in this brochure reflects American statistics and laws.)

 FREEDOM OF CHOICE STOPS WHERE THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS BEGIN – A general overview of the history of abortion laws in Canada, fetal development, responses to frequently-asked questions about abortion, and information on abortion procedures.


 WHAT THEY NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT THE FACTS OF LIFE – Amazing facts and photos illustrate how life begins long before birth.

 THE FIRST DAYS OF HUMAN LIFE – In a look at the first moments of life, we see more marvels than in any of your dreams.  See how babies develop in the womb from the moment of conception until birth with these fascinating photos and descriptions.


 IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING TO ME? – If you are feeling alone or overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy, this brochure addresses the questions you face and provides information on a variety of resources and alternatives available to help you make important decisions about your future and your baby’s.

 ADOPTION: A LOVING CHOICE – If you are considering adoption for your baby, this brochure helps answer questions you may have about how adoption works and issues and feelings you may face.


 THE PAIN THAT FOLLOWS: COPING AFTER AN ABORTION – A sensitive look at how women cope after an abortion.  It explains grief and guilt, who is at risk and what can be done.

 POST ABORTION SYNDROME – Many women experience emotional and/or physical aftereffects from abortion.  This brochure helps identify symptoms such as guilt, anxiety, depression and anger that may surface in the months and years following abortion, in order to assist women to find the support they need.

 FORGOTTEN FATHERS: MEN AND ABORTION – Once abortion has taken place, men may require as much emotional support as women.  This brochure addresses men’s responses and needs following abortion.

 THE FEAR I FELT- Judy Mamou shares her story of her abortion experience and its aftereffects.


 IT’S YOUR FUTURE . . . MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS – Before deciding to become sexually active, consider these facts about STD’s, “safe sex”, contraceptives and complications from the birth control pill.

 HAVE YOU HEARD? – Have you heard the lines, “Everybody’s doing it”, or “If you love me, you’ll do it”?  This brochure helps you deal with pressure to have sex. 

FOR GUYS ONLY: SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT “SAFE SEX” – Written for teen-age guys, this brochure presents medical facts, as well as practical ways to deal with pressure to have premarital sex.

 FOR GIRLS ONLY: SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT “SAFE SEX” – Written for teen-age girls, this brochure presents medical facts, as well as practical ways to deal with pressure to have premarital sex.

 SAFE SEX – Explains facts about condoms and AIDS, and the benefits of saving sex for marriage. 

HOW AT RISK ARE YOU? – Features a “sexual exposure chart” showing the how your risk of exposure to HIV or other STDs increases with the number of sexual partners you have.


 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EUTHANASIA AND THE “RIGHT TO DIE” – A comprehensive booklet describing euthanasia, its history, legal and ethical issues, and compassionate alternatives.

 EUTHANASIA: A CAUSE FOR CONCERN – Examines the implications of legalized euthanasia. 

IF MERCY KILLING BECOMES LEGAL – Examines the implications of legalized euthanasia, focusing on the Dutch experience with euthanasia.

 EUTHANASIA: KILLING OR CARING? – A history of the development of the euthanasia movement. 

VOTE – Illustrates what can happen when others try to “play God” with the lives of “handicapped” infants, and reveals the miracles that occur when people care rather than kill.


 PERSONHOOD AND DISCRIMINATION – An overview of discrimination in recent North American history, which describes how failure to recognize other human beings as persons has permitted discrimination against First Nations, women and the unborn. 

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: BEYOND THE RHETORIC – Describes the organization and its policies, as well as the impact of those policies on teenage pregnancy and abortions.


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